What’s on the Beehive’s Landing Board?

EyesOnHives quantifies flight activity levels – the signal creates a record of forager activity, orientation, swarming, robbing etc. You can look for things like what’s happening on the landing board, and pollen income in the videos too since you can actually see the bees (a little easier to interpret than scale weight data!).

The tech also makes it very easy to see and review what’s on the landing board every single morning (without walking over every single time), both with video, and timelapse.

What are we looking for on the landing board?

It’s amazing what shows up – of course dead larvae, dead bees, crawlers with DWV or even SHB slime will tell you pretty important things about health conditions inside the hive.  Often telling you of an immediate need to go over and open it up for a full inspection.  But it can be pretty fun for a general audience too!

Here’s a screenshot from this morning and youtube upload of another hive’s timelapse yesterday.

Landing Board Drones