Can the camera be set up in a remote location (no electricity)?
Yes – many of our customers use a Solar Power configuration with Eyesonhives. We can provide specs for customers to build their own, but we also offer a solar kit for sale as some customers prefer that we do the tricky step of assembling! Here’s a picture of the solar setup.

It looks like Eyesonhives requires WiFi. How would that work if my bees are located in a remote area?
Typically our customers use a ‘WiFi hotspot’, which is a cellular device which creates a local WiFi hotspot for the Eyesonhives cameras. The hotspot is usually powered by the same power source (extension cable, or solar panel, etc) used with the Eyesonhives camera.

The ideal setup for the devices is to be connected to a network all the time. This way the bee activity data flows in real-time- the videos are viewable, and problems can also be quickly identified and addressed.

It is also possible for the Eyesonhives devices to work in offline mode (power but no WiFi or network). The processed data will be captured indefinitely, video samples will be lost after about 2 weeks. While this is possible, the videos themselves can prove to be very helpful in understanding the data, so this is not recommended.

How many WiFi profiles can be programmed into an Eyesonhives device?
We can add as many WiFi profiles to the device as you like. We can also remotely add an additional profile once you receive the device.

How long does an Eyesonhives device last?
The first Eyesonhives camera we shipped is still in operation 5.5 years later! We’re 100% confident in our systems and will be happy to repair or replace devices within the first year of operation. If you’re on the subscription plan, you can have peace of mind – we’ll repair or replace devices indefinitely (as long as the device has been used reasonably and as intended).

Have Eyesonhives devices been used in any academic studies?
Yes- and we’re super excited about it! We have multiple universities using our devices in their research. You can search “Eyesonhives” in Google Scholar and check out some of our mentions!

How is this technology working towards sustainability?
Beyond helping researchers increase their visibility into colonies by tracking activity and data patterns, there’s a bigger picture for what it means for us to be able to better understand bees and the role they’re playing in our local environments! Check out our founder Kelton’s TEDx Talk here.