Capturing data automatically eliminates the need for inaccurate and inefficient human estimation of bee flight activity, and makes studying bee flight possible at scale.

Watching the bees fly in and out of a hive is a true joy… if you have time for it.


We’ve heard from many researchers that a non-contact sensor which doesn’t disturb the bees, but can measure their activity would be a game changer.

So we created Eyesonhives.

We then heard that powering the devices in the field, out of range of a cell tower would be nice too.

So we created the Solar Power Kit, and Store and Forward mode.

Solution: Eyesonhives Scout B, Solar Power Kit, Store and Forward and the Eyesonhives Analytics Platform

We started tracking hives in 2014, running a successful pilot program with local beekeepers.

In 2019 we’re have over 120 fielded systems, and partnerships with major bee laboratories around the world.

Eyesonhives is field tested, live and shipping

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