Can the camera be set up in a remote location (no electricity)? 

Yes – many of our customers use a Solar Power configuration with Eyesonhives. 

We have specs for folks to build their own, and can also sell the Eyesonhives Solar Power Kit kit if folks prefer we do the tricky stuff. 

Here’s a picture of the solar setup:

When does the device record video?

Eyesonhives devices record video automatically between sunrise and sunset, based on the geolocation (latitude longitude or address) and the date they are set to.

If an internet connection is not available, the devices will use the ‘last known’ sunrise and sunset values. Alternatively we can set a manual override for fixed hour coverage.

How do I know what software version my cameras are on?

We manually update the software version of Eyesonhives devices when we make major improvements, and can happily schedule these updates if devices are online.

Can I request a teleconference to get another question answered?

Of course! Email us directly, or use the contact page at