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About Us

A honey bee resting on Kelton's finger with a solar panel and apiary in the background

Our Passion

We’re a technology company with the mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable agriculture.   Our team has developed best in class technology and a suite of algorithms to quantify activity with edge computing IoT video analytics.

Bumblebee Flight Activity Monitoring

Bee Monitoring

Bees are important to all kinds of people for a variety of reasons. Now that it’s possible to have a visual and data record of their hive activity, there are all kinds of new insights, and connections waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

Eyesonhives Honey Bee Health Monitor

The worlds biggest bee dataset keeps growing

Our Numbers

Detectable Patterns
21.6 M+
Data Points
7 TB+
Bee Dataset
120 +
Devices in Field

Latest News

Two Eyesonhives bee monitor devices covered in snow

Bee Monitoring: Bees in the Extremes

From the back to back hottest days in Australia’s history, to the frigid deep cold of Ontario Canada, Eyesonhives Bee Monitor is tracking bees in the extremes! Here’s a quick …