Streamlining Information for Eyesonhives Users!

We’ve created a new animation to help Eyesonhives users get started, and we wanted to share the story behind it, and highlight our designer Corinne Trujillo.

Who made it?

I (Corinne) made it! 

I graduated from the Art Center College of Design as an Illustration Design major, so my animation experience was limited (by art student standards). That being said, I have always found animation to be amazing fun! It has been a few years since I last dabbled, but I was excited to have a reason to get back into it.

Why was it made?

The Eyesonhives team decided a short video would be a fun way to show the quick and easy setup of our devices. I made the goal to keep the animation to 30 seconds or less, and stay as simple as possible!

The Tools?

My go-to tool as an illustrator is Photoshop. I created the animation frame by frame. Then using the Timeline options, I was able to put pieces together to animate. After creating sections of animation, I imported them into Adobe After Effects to smooth it all together as much as possible. 

Who we are

Thank you all so much for your interest in what we do! We are very excited to be launching our new Eyesonhives app soon and we hope you enjoy the new upcoming features!

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