Urban Beekeeping & EyesOnHives; a Foreword

I never thought of beekeeping as something practical for city living.  I was wrong.  Urban beekeeping has sparked a lifelong passion.

Urban Beekeeping is an exciting passion!

From Rural Bees to Urban Beekeeping

I grew up around bees.  My dad had a few hives on our small rural farm, and my uncle remains an active beekeeper. Even my grandfather kept bees.  But I left rural Australia behind years ago for high tech California.

This short series of blog posts share the story of how I got into urban beekeeping, which ultimately led to EyesOnHives.  They were originally posted in the Santa Barbara Beekeepers Google Group.

Bee-friendly garden, swarm arrived, started a hive in my garage wall

Becoming a Beekeeper. Getting Started

Preparing and Repairing Bee Hives

A Cut Out Bee Rescue

The Queen is Key, but is she Alive?

Bees in a Queenless Hive

Bee Rescue from a Compost Bin

Combining Colonies and the new Dark Queen of the Bees

Bait Out on a Roof Top

Bees at the Beach Rescue

Golden Queen of the Beach Bees

Honey Bee Hive Inspection

Please share the story if you enjoy it.  Let other people and beekeepers know what we’re doing with EyesOnHives!

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