EyesOnHives Preventing Colony Collapse with Data

SANTA BARBARA, California — June 21, 2016 — Keltronix Inc today announced that EyesOnHives™ systems are regularly helping beekeepers understand the health of bee colonies, and leading to interventions which prevent colony collapse.

A free livecast June 30th will outline how beekeepers using EyesOnHives are able to see a hive has become queenless before the colony collapses. EyesOnHives computer vision helps beekeepers detect queenlessness by first seeing a reduction in ‘bees per second’ in the data.  When queenless, hive activity and the orientation signal – baby bee flight activity – decline over a period of several weeks.  At that point,  it is possible to re-queen the hive, or place a frame of brood from another hive from which the remaining bees raise a new queen.  This intervention has been shown repeatedly to work with monitored hives successfully recovering from complete queenlessness to full health.

A further key breakthrough for the EyesOnHives team was documenting and quantifying an activity pattern corresponding to swarming.  Beekeepers can now be automatically notified when a beehive is likely swarming.  Beekeepers can then help manage their neighbors, and may catch the swarm before it leaves.  Since the entire process is captured in data and video, this also helps other local beekeepers know their hives may swarm.  “it was surprising how quickly some hives went from barely surviving the dearth of winter, to swarming in an earlier-than-usual spring” – said Paul Cronshaw, President of the Santa Barbara Beekeepers Association.

Following the success of the Kickstarter campaign,  EyesOnHives is now available on Indiegogo InDemand and also on the Keltronix website. https://bitly.com/bHive

Please join EyesOnHives for a complimentary webinar on June 30th.  Register at https://www.keltronixinc.com/eyesonhives-webinar

About Keltronix, Inc.

Keltronix Inc is a technology company with the mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable agriculture. The team has developed patent pending in field video analytics technology which can perform human perception tasks.  The EyesOnHives platform includes a suite of algorithms, and provides analytics and insight to remote decision makers.  For more information visit https://www.keltronixinc.com/


James Knouse

Outreach Coordinator


EyesOnHives Infographic Preventing Colony Collapse with Data