Our mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable agriculture

Keltronix Inc is a technology company with the mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable agriculture. Our team has developed patent pending technology and a suite of algorithms to quantify activity in video using distributed processing, and provide analytics and insight to remote decision makers.

What we’re doing

We’re building an analytics platform based on video and bee flight activity data for beekeepers to monitor and improve honeybee hive health.

Why we’re doing it

We believe beekeeping, like organic farming, supports the health of the environment, and is key to sustainable agriculture.  Our mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable agriculture.

Why it needs to be done

A third of the food we eat depends on bees.  42% of bee colonies in the US died out last year, and beekeepers aren’t getting early warnings. The bees need help, and we want to help beekeepers deliver it.




Find out more details on Keltronix Inc’s services.

Expert Consulting

Keltronix provides expert consulting services.  Take advantage of our passionate team of experts in the fields of data collection, machine vision and beekeeping technology.

Premium Support

For critical projects and time sensitive service we can support your needs.  Inquire about our comprehensive monitoring and support offering.

Training Packages

Whether you have a specific training need, or a whole team who needs to get up to speed quickly, we can help with personalized application specific training packages.

Algorithm Customization

Whether honey bees, bumble bees or something else, our in-field video analytics technology and ability to execute is unmatched.  Ask us what you need.

Data Privacy

By default the EyesOnHives platform is open.  If you have special needs to keep your bee data private, ask us what you need us to accommodate.